sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

"Dear Charlie,
I'm listening to "Asleep" by The Smiths right now. Have you ever thought why people need another to be happy? What if I have friends, family and everything I want? What if it isn't enough for me? Don't misunderstand me. I love my life. I love feeling the cool air while I close my eyes. I love my friends. I love walking on my own while I'm listening to my favourite music. I love loving life. I feel infinite.
I'm still listening to "Asleep".
I think that love is for sharing. What if I have everything but not the people I really care? Sometimes I feel more lonely than ever. And I cry. Like on Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I don't know why.
I understand that I don't have to. But I do. I feel like this. But just sometimes. Or most of the time. What if I am sick? I feel sick. Just sometimes.
I think this is a drama. A stupid drama. I hate drama. That's why I smile. I won't tell anybody but you. 
I'm still listening to "Asleep". 
Love always,